Til toppen

Petrobras Annex V

After several years of upgrading numerous of PSV and AHTS vessels we have obtained a solid understanding of Petrobras Annex V requirements. We carry out project management, pre-survey, installation and commissioning in close cooperation with our Brazilian partner. A good knowledge of Brazil and a local partner is absolutely vital to succeed in this market.

Requirements are given in Annex V to make a thorough pre-survey report in Portuguese language which shall be approved by Petrobras before installation commences. Owners entering into contracts with Petrobras should pay close attention to this.

Project manager
Annex V requires quite a lot of project hours before, during and after the installation, including documentation of the equipment used, Anatel approvals and CAD drawings of the systems installed. Close cooperation between ship owner, IKM Instrutek and our partner in Brazil is crucial to the success of the project. We take on the task of coordination these projects from presurvey to final approval by Petrobras and national marine authorities in Brazil.

Installation and commissioning
Installation is carried out by our skilled staff with long experience from nav/com service and new buildings. As time is often a limiting factor, we size our team to ensure on-time delivery. When the vessel arrives in Brazil, our local partner will go onboard to guide and in the final commissioning and approval process. Local knowledge is absolutely crucial to ensure success and a quick approval.

Import to Brazil
Our responsibility in these projects is to ensure that the vessel meets Annex V specification’s, and that the system is up and running in time. The ship owner is responsible for importing the ship. However we will assist with necessary documentation and applications relating to our work and we will be onboard when Petrobras inspect the ship in order to answer any technical questions in relation to the Annex V equipment installed.

Doppler current meter
We have obtained a extensive experience with Petrobras Annex V requirements and one of the solutions we can offer is a current sensor that measures current values from the surface down to a depth of 20 m, and reads continues current velocities up to 4.0 knots. The system has an exclusive winch for launching/ retrival, and it can display water speed with a precision of 0.05 m/s. It can also indicate the depth of work and the direction of current with 5 degrees accuracy.

The system allows for viewing and recording into a text file (date, time, depth, intensity and direction), enables reading in real-time through the panel installed on the vessel`s bridge with a repeater in the supervision room of Petrobras, all in accordance with Annex III/V requirements.