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Bridge Mate Fuel Reporting and Advisory

Monitors vessel fuel usage in near real-time into to provide a variety of reports of displays

- Easy to install
- Low cost
- Integration with Caterpillar engines (no fuel meters needed)
- Fuel and shaft power/torque meters can be added
- Mode views (DP, transit, joystick, standby  etc.)
- Details view
- Averages view
- Trips view
- Location view

Reaching out from the Marine Technologies Mandeville facility the Bridge Mate Fuel Advisory System is currently responsible for monitoring, housing historical data, providing trending, and presenting near real time data for vessels world-wide.

Users are only required to have an Internet connection and computer with a standard Internet browser to be able to access the system and get current and historical fuel usage data.

The most common means of communication between the C-Comm System and the monitored asset is Ku-Band VSAT links. The system is additionally tested and functional over most IP based communications media.

All development of the system is done within Marine Technologies L.L.C. enabling custom features and system interfaces to be produced and fielded in much faster time frames and at greatly reduced cost.

The Bridge Mate Fuel Advisory System monitors vessel fuel usage in near real-time into to provide a variety of reports of displays. The System works by adding two low cost devices to the vessel to monitor the electronic control module data from for example the Caterpillar engines and generators.

Fuel and shaft power meters can be added to get a more accurate reading.

This data is sent back to database in the Mandeville data center where it is stored and compiled. Then users are granted access to an easy to utilize GUI interface where they can view and export the data and reports in a variety of ways.