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Worldwide service network

Let us coordinate your service requirements 24/7/365.
IKM Instrutek provide repair & retrofit to deep sea vessels worldwide. We seek a strong partnership with our customers and are committed to provide the best service round-the-clock. Our service engineers are highly qualified and are kept updated through continuous training and on-the-job practice. In addition to installation and ad-hoc service, they will provide you with support when you need it. Should it be more convenient to utilize a service provider closer to the vessel, our worldwide network will be at your hands.

Let us coordinate your service requirements 24/7/365.

Service Emergency (24 hours): (+47) 47 46 84 84
If the person on call-duty do not answer, you are automatically connected to another service engineer. We will answer your call!

Enquiries and orders shall preferably be sent to: NavCom@IKM.no

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- Nav/ com service
- Petrobras annex V upgrade
- Calibration
- Condition Monitoring services