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IKM Serviceweb

A service monitoring system for customers and their ships
IKM serviceweb is a service monitoring system that ensures extremely good monitoring of customers and their ships. Our goal is to be the expert and the "single point of contact" partner that can perform most services in our field and ensure that companies save huge costs to deal with one partner. IKM Instrutek provide repair & retrofit to deep sea vessels worldwide. We seek a strong partnership with our customers and are committed to provide the best service round’ the clock. 

Our service engineers are highly qualified and are kept updated through continues training and on-the-job practice. In addition to installation and ad-hoc service, they will provide you with support when you need it. Should it be more convenient to utilize a service provider closer to the vessel, our worldwide network will be at your hands. 

Let us coordinate your service needs 24/7/365. 

Our unique web service offer an easy, assessable and transparent solution to our clients. Here you will be able to monitor the status of ongoing services and plan surveys and maintenance at a single point-of-contact. 

This will save you the time and the cost you normally spend while dealing with several companied instead of leaving the job to us.

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