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Fanbeam - laser based positioning system​
Techmak Fanbeam® system is a laser based positioning sensor designed for repetitive high accuracy range and bearing measurements from offshore support vessels and other marine structures. 

Control system 
Techmak have embarked upon a re-write of the control software for the Fanbeam® system in order to implement various enhancements to the functionality of the system. The new software allows multiple operator stations to be set up, which caters for situations where control needs to be transferred between bridge personnel. A training package for the software includes a fully featured simulator allowing for realistic simulation. IKM Instrutek offers upragde packages for old units. 

Reflective target 
The new prisme cluster improves signal strenghts and accuracy. 

• Automatic target filtering by signal strength using historic data
• Gyro interface
• Intelligent target clutter rejection
• Visual presentation of Fanbeam behaviour
• Reduces potential for spurious targets to compromise reliable positioning
• Less need for operator to manipulate configuration when tracking
• Faster method for changing vertical tilt when tracking
• Simple presentation of tracking confidence
• More flexible interfacing options
• Multiple operator station configuration option