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FLIR Marine

High quality maritime thermal night vision systems
IKM Instrutek are a trusted supplier of the world’s largest commercial infrared company, FLIR Systems has fielded more high quality maritime thermal night vision systems than anyone in the world. The rugged, stabilized imagers can be found onboard thousands of offshore platforms and vessels in the US and around the world. 

The new FLIR MU/ MV series 
IKM Instrutek is proud to offer the sharpest and most user-friendly thermal night vision system in the market. With MU-series you get a cooled midwave, high resolution 640X512 pixel camera. It has 14X optical zoom between a 28 deg and 2 deg. Field of view. Along with other optional features like low light and extreme low light camera, customers get the ultimate system for operations such as, SAR, berthing, commercial operations and more. With MV-series customers get all the benefits as for the MU series, only difference is that the core is un-cooled, still with impressive small size vessel detection of 12,7km, the MV series have it all. 

FLIR MU-series is the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry today. It is a powerful, gyro-stabilized multi-sensor, long range, thermal night vision system. The Voyager system is still available as a more reasonable system, but not less user friendly. As the success story with Norwegian RSSR company provides the best reference to. 

The new FLIR MD-Series will now also provide a low cost fixed camera solution for less critical operations where tracking is not needed. This can for instance be monitoring of gang way, deck operations and other. 

For light operation task FLIR also delivers hand held cameras in the HM-Series. IKM is proud to have delivered such systems for security improvement to several customers. This series comes with single and dual eye sight.

FLIR delivers the best thermal image in the industry and it should not be a surprise that the Voyager II/III has been the proven anti-piracy camera around the world. We now also suspect that the new MU -/ MV Series will prove to be the next generation for same purposes, not excluding oil detection and ice detection task either.