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MI 6020Q Automatisert motstandsbro

Produktnummer: 114928

  • Ekte selvkalibrering
  • Områder fra 0,1 til 100k ohm
  • Stor berøringsskjerm og USB grensesnitt
  • Nøyaktighet < 15x10^(-9)
  • Linearitet < 5x10^(-9)

Since 1994, Measurements International’s (MI) 6010B, and 6010C technology has set the standard for DC Current Comparator (DCC) Resistance Bridge performance in calibration laboratories globally. The time has now come to advance this best-in-class series, taking advantage of twenty-first-century AccuBridge® technology.

Measurements International’s major technological advantage in resistance measurements is the development of the first commercially available portable quantum Hall system, 6800, (Figure 1) which uses AccuBridge® technology as the measurement system operated at ambient temperatures. The current range is from 1 μA to 200 mA for use as a quantum hall bridge and a resistance bridge. The 6020Q features increased ampereturn (AT) sensitivity with more turns on both the master and slave windings and a new voltage feedback circuit to improve on the linearity error of the nanovolt amplifier.

Measurements International has world class expertise in both DC Resistance Metrology at NMI’s and ISO17025
Accreditation throughout industry. As your accreditation partner and global support partner, MIL offers leading product knowledge and applications expertise through coaching, system design, implementation, calibration services, and ongoing expert support ensuring your
competitive advantage.

At MI, it’s not only about the equipment and science, it’s about what you can do and the ease with which you can do it.