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Christiani Nivåreguleringsmodell/Process Automation -komplett

Produktnummer: DC69777

  • Komplett arbeidsstasjon, med software LC2030
  • Kan simulere offline
  • Med varme og kjøle regulering
  • Nivå, flow, trykk regulering
  • Kan tilpasses individulet for skolen

Christiani, The Control workstation offer you a wide selection of training options ranging from simple open loop control tasks to closed loop PID feedback control of various systems. It provide optimum support for your lessons on open-/closed loop control systems.All signals (0/2..10 V DC and 24 V DC) are available via 4 mm test sockets on the operator panel of the system. The fill level is recorded using a float switch or a pressure switch. The fill level can be changed by controlling three pumps and/or valves.The switches and buttons on the control panel can be used in a flexible way to operate the system. Signal lights allow faults and process statuses to be displayed. The workstation can be operated using commercially available controllers, provided they have the appropriate in- and outputs. Alternatively, and perfectly matched with the educational purpose, the workstation can be used together with the software LC2030 process automation training. By using one of the two programs you do receive a complete process control system with visualisation. The LC2030 process automation training software also offers the possibility to work offline, without having the real system connected, by providing an equivalent simulated workstation within the software. The documentation contains several tasks with sample solutions.