Honeywell Trykktransmitter -1...690 bar

Varenummer: HWSTG700

Honeywell ST 700 Gauge Pressure Transmitters (STG700) are ideal for applications ranging from high-pressure measurements in boilers and fuel feeds to tank level measurement applications with a relatively high process temperature. Users have the option of choosing between dual-head and in-line models to match their process interface requirements.​​​​

What Is It?

​Dual Head Gauge Pressure Transmitters are suited for typical applications involving reaction vessels in the chemical industry and level applications with process temperatures up to 257°F /125°C.

In-Line transmitters are screwed directly onto a 1/2” male NPT nipple and can be installed in hazardous environments for accurate, repeatable pressure measurement. Typical applications include high-pressure measurement in boilers, fuel feeds and high-pressure reaction vessels in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon recovery industries.

The following models are available for deployment:

  • STG740/STG74L                     0-500 psi                      0-35 bar
  • STG770/STG77L                     0-3,000 psi                   0-210 bar
  • STG78L                                  0-6,000 psi                     0-420 bar
  • STG79L                                  0-10,000 psi                   0-690 bar


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