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Christiani 77403 Training stand ignition systems TSZH, TSZH

Produktnummer: 113663

  • Checking and repairing circuits and systems
  • Maintenance and circuit diagrams
  • Measuring electrical variables and signals
  • Identifying individual components and learning
  • electrical, mechanical measurement, test

Christiani, Training stand ignition systems TSZH, TSZH and fully electronic ignition with solid-state high voltage distribution RUH The trainer was created by original components from different vehicles (Volkswagen, Ford, GM). Particular emphasis was placed on the design to the most realistic representation of the components and their connections, so original documents and schematics can be used. Thus, measurements can be performed, error simulation and diagnosis as in a conventional vehicle. By manipulating components are various errors in the test set can be installed to allow practical troubleshooting..