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MI Z1000 iSimulator impedansesimulator

Produktnummer: 115018

  • Første automatiske kalibrator for LCR meter
  • Impedansemodul 1 til 100M ohm
  • Impedansefase -90° til 90°
  • Frekvensområde 1Hz til 20kHz
  • Full kombinert usikkerhetskalkulering inkludert


The Measurements International model Z1000 prototype and initial design was done by METAS in Switzerland. It was designed to address and fill the need and requirement for a better way to calibrate LCR meters. Current method of calibration of LCR meters requires highly accurate impedance standards (inductors, capacitors and resistors) that have to have traceability maintained, in which the procedure for calibration is time-consuming and requires a lot of manipulation of the standards making the measurement procedure complicated. Another large drawback of the previous method was that only a small fraction of the measurement capability of the LCR meter is tested because the reference standards usually have a decade value and phase angles close to the -90 degrees (capacitors), 0 degree (resistor) or 90 degrees (inductors).

With the release of the commercial Z1000 iSimulator, the process for calibration of LCR meters has been taken to a new level. The Z1000 covers the full calibration of LCR meters over simulated impedances from 100 Hz to 20 kHz while eliminating the need for external standards and providing a much simpler, easier to use method of LCR meter calibration.

If you are familiar with the current method used to calibrate LCR meters (external inductors, resistors, capacitors) then you are aware of the very time consuming and multiple manual manipulation components of the process. The Z1000 was designed with this in mind. It was designed with a very userfriendly operational software that limits customer manual need for changing of connections and offers a simple step-by-step operation that provides constant automatic verification of the setup, and automatic switching and measurement procedures.