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MI 9400 Motstandsbad (+15...30°C)

Produktnummer: 114948

  • Designet for kryogeniske strømkomparatorer
  • Meget stillegående drift
  • Stabilitet og uniformitet < 2mK
  • Justerbar roteringshastighet
  • IEEE488 (direkte støtte for 6010, 6242 & 6000B)

Measurements International’s series of fluid baths are used for the maintenance of Standard Resistors and Shunts. The 9400 has been designed after compiling years of customer feedback on existing resistor oil baths. The result is a stable, quiet oil bath that can be used with the CCC and QHR due to its low electrical noise and low operating and maintenance costs.

The 9400 is a new design with two impellers connected to stir motors, this is designed to improve the chambers fluid flow in order to reduce the temperature gradient. This new design avoids “temperature shadows”, where the heat dissipated from one resistor will directly affect “downstream” resistors.

The 9400 does not use a compressor and as such is very quiet both audibly and electrically. The one piece stainless steel tank is grounded and isolated from the anodized resistor shelf. Stirring is provided by two adjustable speed motors. The tank lid is insulated and sits atop a resistor drain shelf. The access opening is 25” by 8” to accommodate easy access for handling larger resistors.

The touch screen interface displays temperature and gives the user access to the PID for adjustment of set points, alarm settings and stirring speed. The exclusive design uses a proprietary temperature Band protection circuit. The Bath is equipped with two drain/fill ports. An optional pump system, Model 9400-P can be used to fill or drain the bath and includes a filtration system to filter debris from the tank.

There are two 2” vertical conduit ports to for resistor cables and to minimize wicking. These ports allow the tank lid to remain in place for increased temperature stability. For easy connections to resistors and shunts see the Model 9400-I interconnect Panel. For holding your standard resistors securely.

The 9400 comes standard with IEEE-488 and Serial RS232 Interface and can be controlled via Measurements International’s resistance bridge operating software.