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MI 6652A Ohmmeter for høye motstander

Produktnummer: 114933

  • Områder fra 100k til 1P
  • Automatisk skannerkontroll
  • Måler strøm og spenning
  • Alle forhold opptil 100:1
  • 10V til 1000V variabel spenningsutgang

After years of development of high resistance bridge measurement systems and resistance standards, Measurements International (MI) is pleased to announce the launch of the 6652A High Resistance Meter, available in two configurations Base and Premium.

The 6652A offers users flexible operation in a simple, easy to use “meter like” package. The model 6652A High Resistance Meter is designed to measure high resistances in the range of 1 MΩ to 100 TΩ. The simplified construction and operation offers a more user-friendly approach to high resistance measurements, and to improve measurement speed over other single input devices.

Direct Measurement Mode: In this mode, the 6652A offers users the ability to quickly establish nominal values of resistances, measure Insulation resistance and volume and surface resistivity. This mode is also useful for determining resistors time constant, as well as voltage and temperature coefficients.

Resistor Substitution Measurements: (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 6652A Premium) In this mode high accuracy is obtained. The measurement of a standard of known resistor is automatically compared to a resistor under test. With this method any hardware drift and instability are taken account, consequently are corrected for the unknown resistance measurement.

Voltage Range: The voltage range of the 6652A Basic is variable from 1 V to 1000 V. The voltage setting is indicated on the front panel display.
Operation: The front panel offers users simple and intuitive measurement options. Features include resistor protection, voltage setting, settle time of the resistor, number of measurements, number of statistics and graphing.