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MI 6600A To-kilde motstandsbro for høye motstander

Produktnummer: 114932

  • Basert på NMI design
  • Områder fra 100k til 10P ohm
  • Mer nøyaktig enn Teraohmmeter
  • Logging, grafer og måleanalyse
  • Automatisk betjening

Measurements International (MI), in keeping with “Metrology is our Science, Accuracy is our Business™, has introduced the first commercially available Automated Dual Source High Resistance Bridge (model 6600A), The Dual Source High Resistance Bridge principle has become the primary measurement technique of all National Measurement Laboratories (NMIs) around the world due to its unprecedented level of accuracy
and stability over various other methods. Multimodal operation in the 6600A allows users to make resistance measurements in different ways.