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MI 6242D Automatisert sekundær motstands- / temperaturbro

Produktnummer: 114931

  • Ekte selvkalibrering
  • Områder fra 0,001 til 1G ohm
  • Stor berøringsskjerm og USB grensesnitt
  • Nøyaktighet til 10x10^(-8)
  • Linearitet < 5x10^(-9)

Since its inception in 1987, MI has been providing customers with the best in resistance measuring equipment. As the original manufacturer of the Automated Direct Current Comparator (DCC) Resistance Bridge, MI has been the industry leader in providing the highest level of automated resistance bridges and turnkey systems to metrology laboratories worldwide.

The AccuBridge® 6242D (furthermore 6242D) is ideal for measurements in both resistance metrology and temperature thermometer applications. With its innovative technology, the 6242D’s speed, measurement accuracy, and data handling capabilities make it the preferred primary resistance measurement system in primary and calibration labs worldwide. The 6242D is designed for flexibility and ease of use.