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MI 6242/3000 Motstandssystem

Produktnummer: 114930

  • 10µA til 300A (eller 3000A)
  • Motstandsområde 0,1µ til 100G ohm
  • Kan leveres med ekstra standard eller skanner
  • Linearitet < 5x10^(-9)
  • Komplett nøkkelferdig system

Measurements International’s AccuBridge® MODELS 6010/150/300/3000 and 6242150/300/3000 High Precision Direct Current Comparator (DCC) Shunt and High Precision Direct-Current Current Transformer (DCCT) measurement systems offer the greatest accuracy and lowest uncertainty of any commercially available system.

Our high current range extenders expand the measuring capabilities of our 6010 and 6242 series bridges to measure lower resistance values at higher currents with accredited achievable uncertainties of <20 ppm at 10 µΩ to 0.1 ppm at 1 Ω. Ratio uncertainties as low as 0.02 ppm are achievable at 1 Ω.

Measurements International is the original manufacturer of the Automated Resistance Measurement System. With the greatest current comparator experience in the industry, our shunt measurement systems are designed using sound metrology principles. As your Accreditation partner and global support partner MIL offers leading product knowledge and applications expertise through coaching, system design, implementation, calibration services and ongoing expert support, that assures your competitive advantage with all your MI Products.

At MIL, it’s not only about the equipment or the science….It’s about what that will enable you to do, and the ease with which you can do it.

Measurements International provides world-class expertise in DC resistance metrology to national measurement institutes (NMIs) and primary and calibration laboratories who need to achieve the lowest possible traceable uncertainty in their measurements and calibration equipment. As your accreditation and global support partner, MI helps ensure your competitive advantage by offering leading product knowledge and applications expertise through coaching, system design, implementation, calibration services, and ongoing expert support.

Measurements International’s series of shunt measurement systems are the only self-calibrating bridge systems that use a full 25-bit binary wound direct-current comparator (DCC). Self-calibration of the comparator can be verified using the interchange technique when calibrating resistors. Our 6010 and 6242 series bridges are used worldwide to calibrate standard resistors and shunts as well as other manufacturer’s bridges and shunt measurement systems.

Measurements International’s 6010 and 6242 series of shunt measurement systems provide the widest range with lowest uncertainty of any manufacturer. Our systems’ reversing switches have negligible systematic error as compared to the current mismatch between positive and negative current supples . We are the only manufacturer to provide this.