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MI 6020T Automatisert termometerbro

Produktnummer: 114929

  • Områder fra 0,1 til 10k ohm
  • Nøyaktighet < 15x10^(-9)
  • Linearitet < 5x10^(-9)
  • IEEE488 og manuell betjening
  • Accu-T-Cal porgramvare for kalibrering av PRT

The AccuBridge® 6020T Thermometry Bridge (furthermore 6020T) is the Metrologist’s choice for primary lab level thermometry measurements. With its innovative technology, the 6020T’s speed, measurement accuracy, and data handling capabilities make it the preferred primary thermometry measurement system in National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) and other primary labs worldwide. The 6020T was designed for flexibility and ease of use. The 6020T features increased ampere-turn (AT) sensitivity with more turns on both the master and slave windings and a voltage feedback circuit to improve on the linearity error of the nano-volt amplifier. Also improved is the ratio from previous 1.5:1 ratios to the new ratio range covering from 0.1 up to a maximum ratio of 5 allowing customers to meet all of their requirements.

MI customers now have unmatched features and functionality to support its world-class measurement uncertainty capability. Quick Measure Mode Provides Customers with the Ability to Have the First Reading Within 20 Seconds from Pressing Start; current reversal rates improved to 2 seconds with measurement sample times as low as 0.1 seconds!

Only MI offers a DC Bridge with these improvements that can meet specifications!