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MI 6010D Automatisert primær motstands- / temperaturbro

Produktnummer: 114924

  • Ekte selvkalibrering
  • Områder fra 0,001 til 100k ohm
  • Stor berøringsskjerm og USB grensesnitt
  • Nøyaktighet < 40x10^(-9) (1:1 og 10:1 forhold)
  • Linearitet < 5x10^(-9)

The AccuBridge® 6010D Resistance Bridge (Furthermore 6010D) is the metrologist’s choice for primary lab level resistance measurements. Recognized as the world’s leading Automated Resistance/Thermometry Bridge, the 6010D is ideal for resistance measurements in both resistance metrology and temperature thermometer applications. With its innovative technology, the 6010D’s speed, measurement accuracy, and data handling capabilities, make it the preferred primary resistance measurement system in National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) and other primary labs worldwide. The 6010D is designed for flexibility and ease of use.