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MI 4310 Temperaturstyrt referansemotstand

Produktnummer: 114918

  • 6 til 10 dekadeverdier fra 0,1ohm til 100Mohm
  • 4-terminal tilkoblinger
  • Stabilitet < 2x10^(-6) per år
  • Temperaturkoeffisient < 0,005x10^(-6)
  • Fjerner behov for oljebad

The Model 4310 is a series of ten-element precision resistance standards. The Model 4310 insures that you get the best performance on the market today. Combined with MI’s experience in automated resistance measurements the 4310 is a temperature controlled, 10-element working resistance reference.

The ten-resistance elements cover the range from 0.1 Ω to 100 MΩ. The resistance elements are housed in a single temperature controlled chamber and feature excellent stability and extremely low temperature coefficients. Each resistance element is accessible from the back
panel with four terminal binding posts, suitable for banana plug, spade lugs or wires. Other resistor values other than the decade values shown above are also available.

The resistor elements mounted in the chamber are the same elements that are used in the MI 9331 series of standard air resistors. The temperature coefficent of these resistors is reduced by controlling the temperature of the internal chamber to achieve its excellent long term stability.

The internal chamber of the 4310 is isolated from case and can be grounded or guarded. The temperature of the chamber is monitored using a Thermistor and Bridge Circuit. A variable gain potentiometer on the front panel can be adjusted for reading the temperature shift.

The resistor elements are maintained at 30 °C, with an operating environment temperature range extending from 18 to 28 °C. Other chamber temperatures are also available.

The Model 4310 can be used as a bench top or can be mounted in any standard 19-inch instrument rack.