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MI 4220A Skanner, 20 kanaler

Produktnummer: MI-4220A

  • 20x 4-terminal tellurium-copper innganger
  • 2x 4-terminal tellurium-copper utganger
  • Forseglede reléer
  • 2A bærestrøm
  • Betjening via frontpanel eller IEEE

Measurement International 4220A Matrix skanner

20 Channel Four Terminal Matrix Scanner with Tellurium Copper Terminals

  • Automated Low Thermal Matrix Scanner – 20 Channel 30 Amp
  • 20 – 4 Wire Inputs
  • 30 Amp Capability
  • Automatic or Manual
  • 2 or 4 Wire Outputs

The Model 4220A/30 was designed to be used in automated resistance and shunt measurement applications where a number of artifacts needed to be calibrated efficiently and accurately. The Model 4220A/30 has a total of 20 four terminal inputs and 2 four terminal outputs. The high current relays are located on the A side of the scanner only.

The relays selecting the inputs can be activated using both front panel key operation or using the IEEE-488 Interface Bus. A corresponding led indicates which channels are selected. Combined with Measurements International’s 6010 or 6242 resistance bridges, the 4220/30A provides a means to create an automatic resistance measurement system with up to 30 Amp capability.

Ultra sensitive, high efficiency, polarized relay technology is used to eliminate self heating in the relay in manufacturing this low thermal matrix scanner. The relays are the latest technology used in the telephone industry. The relay boards are thermally isolated to maintain equilibrium in the switching areas.

The low thermal terminals are mechanically connected to the copper pads on the relay boards to reduce the thermals normally generated by soldered connections, thus reducing switching errors. Interconnecting cable may also be ordered with the 4220A/30 Four Terminal Matrix Scanner. The interconnecting wire comes in either two or four conductor configurations. The wire maybe ordered in lengths with screens already attached. No 18-gauge solid copper, silver plated, screened Teflon cable is used.