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Jotron Helideck VHF, Offshore versionIncludes: 83200 TR-810 Tran

Produktnummer: 106588

  • ETSI and FCC approvals
  • Wide DC input voltage (10 to 28V)
  • Fast recall of 3 preset channels
  • A visually pleasing OLED display
  • 25kHz/8.33kHz channel separation

TR-810 is designed to meet future demands for a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio, specially designed for vehicle and desk-top applications. The flexible design is achieved by making the Operators Control Panel (OCP) detachable from the compact base unit. Communication between the two units is via standard CAT-5 cable. By being able to separate the OCP from the base unit, it opens up for several user applications. Includes: 83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit and 86420 TR-810 OF Accessories (Microphone, AC/DC power, antenna adapter, 220V AC cable, 5m cable, console bracket, console cover plate, front module bracket, front cover plate with flange and manual)