Honeywell Diff. Trykktransmitter 0,02...210 bar

Varenummer: HWSTD700

  • Tilgjengelig med 4-20mA, HART, Fieldbus, mm.
  • Stabilitet opptil 0,02% span per år i 5 år
  • Nøyaktighet 0,05% av span
  • Maksimal nedjustering 100:1
  • Modulbasert for enkel modifisering

Honeywell SmartLine ST 700 Differential Pressure Transmitters (STD700) bring smart technology to a wide spectrum of measurement applications ranging from furnace combustion airflow rate to hydrostatic tank gauging. The differential pressure transmitters can be used with any primary flow element to provide proven, repeatable flow measurement. ​​​​

What Is It?

​STD700 Differential Pressure Transmitters are ideal for critical process loops and high-value applications such as custody transfer and energy and material balances. Five models are available with the following ranges:

  • STD720         -400 to +400 in H2O          -1000 to +1000 mbar
  • STD730         -100 to +100 psi                 -7.0 to +7.0 bar
  • STD770         -3000 to +3000 psi             -210 to +210 bar

STD 700 transmitters offer the following compelling features:

  • Accuracy of up to 0.05% of span
  • Onboard pressure and temperature compensation
  • Alphanumeric display capability
  • External zero, span and configuration capability
  • 100ms response time
  • Polarity-insensitive electrical connections.


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