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Christiani 86604 Common-Rail Diagnostic Set Portable

Produktnummer: 113687

  • Usable on all Bosch-, Siemens-, Denso- and Delp
  • Long-term test at different rpms, temperatures
  • Pressure gauge and temperature probe
  • Top quality, „Made in Germany“

Christiani, Common-Rail Diagnostic Set Portable tester for the function control of Common-Rail high pressure injectors in the circulation mode. Common Rail injectors reach their peak effect, the optimum atomization through high pressure (up to 2100 bar) and finest injection openings. These conditions can only be fulfilled by a perfectly working injector in all temperature- and rpm-areas of the engine.Slightest discrepancies between the set values (such as internal leakages of the injectors) change the injection conduct and lead to malfunctions, such as start and rotation difficulties, with the result of a decrease in productivity, increase of fuel consumption or increased pollutant emission, and thus leads to a higher environmental impact.