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Megger BVM150 med 16 st BVM clamps, transportkasse, modem, power su

Produktnummer: 109544

  • Automatisk måling av cellespenning under utladn
  • Stor kapasitet opptil 2 x 120 enheter
  • Stor nøyaktighet og stabilitet
  • Stort spenningsområde
  • Enkel og koble opp

The Megger BVM is a battery voltage measurement devicethat is used for the capacity testing of large, industrial batterybanks commonly found in electrical power sub-stations,telecom facilities and computer data center UPS systems.When used in conjunction with a load device, such as theTORKEL unit, and test data management software, such asPowerDB and TORKEL Win, the BVM enables to perform acompletely automated battery bank capacity test, accordingto IEC test method. The test also meet NERC/FERC requirements.The BVM is designed in modular form where oneBVM device is used for each battery or “jar” in the stringto be tested. One BVM for each battery connects to thenext in a “daisy-chain” fashion, thereby providing easy andeconomical expandability to meet the testing requirementsfor small-to-large battery bank systems.