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Christiani 77178 ABS/EBS/ESP training stand

Produktnummer: 113660

  • The training stand is networked via CAN bus
  • Has an OBD interface
  • An interface for student measuring stations
  • Connect up to 16 student measuring st. / workst
  • Multimedia learning programs are included

Christiani, The ABS/ESP training stand with ATE MK 60 system is based on the Volkswagen and demonstrates the relationships between ABS, ESP and EBS control functions for different coefficients of friction on individual wheels. A potentiometer is used to set these coefficients of friction for each wheel individually. Each brake circuit features an original wheel speed sensor on each wheel with accessible measuring sockets, a pressure gauge and a pressure sensor with measuring sockets for recording signals. In addition, the input brake pressure of the ABS unit at each brake circuit is displayed using an additional manometer.